Real Estate : Foreign buyers are back in Paris

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Real Estate : Foreign buyers are back in Paris

Foreign buyers are back in the capital. In 2014 , they accounted for 8.3% of goods purchased in Paris, against 6.3% in 2010, according to the notaries of Ile-de -France. For four years , their share is growing steadily , to the point that it has regained and even surpassed its pre -crisis (8.1% in 2008).

Not surprisingly, it is the exclusive areas of the center that attract the most. The share of foreign buyers 18% in the 7th district , before the 4th (16.3%) , 1 (14.6%) , the 6th and the 8th (13.1%) . However , the most popular districts of the 9th (6.3 %) and 12 (6.2%) are ignored by this clientele.


In 2014 , the Italians made ​​up 16.6% of foreign buyers in the capital, by far the most represented nationality, be sued in the UK ( 6.7%). “They usually buy a studio or one-bedroom in a tourist area to be used as a pied- a-terre or rental investment to achieve ,” says Ludovic Paillat , the ERA- TLI agency.

While buyers from the Middle East, Africa and the Far East remain focused on Paris’ “golden triangle ” Europeans and Americans prefer the Left Bank Saint Germain -of -Prés , the area around the Champs de Mars … “says Charles-Marie Jottras , President Daniel Féau .


Like many of his colleagues, this luxury property specialist evokes the resurgence of American buyers for a year, a customer who was much scarcer since the election of François Hollande in 2012. In 2014, they accounted for 6 5% of foreign buyers to the Chinese (6%) and Germans (5.4%).

Laurent House, president of Coldwell Banker France, the origin of this change is simple: “The fall of the euro against the dollar automatically increases their purchasing power by 30% to 35%, he said. Since there are many choices and the rates are very low, now is the time to buy in France for Americans! »

In the suburbs, the share of foreign buyers also progressing. In four years, it increased from 6.9% to 11% in the inner suburbs, and 4.9% to 7.2% in the outer suburbs. But buyers origins have nothing to do with those observed in central Paris. In suburbs, 22.8% of foreign buyers are Chinese, and 27% are Portuguese suburbs.


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