Property: foreign buyers increase in Île-de-France

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Property: foreign buyers increase in Île-de-France

Just over 9% of house buyers are foreigners in Île-de-France, this is growing for four last years.

Quarter after quarter, the trend is confirmed : there never was , proportionally, as many foreign buyers in Paris and Île-de-France . “Foreigners are more than ever there are record levels for ten years, all zones ,” reports Thierry Delesalle , notary in Paris . According to figures of Notaries of Île-de-France , the first quarter 2015, 9.2% of property buyers in the capital were foreign nationals , “so that there is still 5 or 6 years , they accounted for only 6 % of total buyers , “notes Thierry Delesalle . In the first quarter 2014, they were 8.2%

The Italians are the foreigners who buy the most in Paris …

A Parisian specificity compared to the rest of the Île-de-France notably due to the nationality of its buyers : 16.6% are Italian , by far the most present foreigners to purchase real estate in the capital. Next came the British who weigh 6.6% of foreign acquisitions in Paris , an increase in recent months “certainly due to the depreciation of the euro against sterling ,” said Thierry Delesalle . In very posh 4th and 7th districts , the share of foreign buyers even go up to 17.5%. Clearly in these wealthier neighborhoods that attract investors from around the world , the effect of the decline in the euro was felt .

… And Île-de-France , it was the Portuguese

More generally, 9.5% of transactions were made by foreigners in the first quarter 2015 Île-de-France , against 9.1% last year and 6.1% in 2010, approximately 80% of these buyers being residents by notaries. In terms of nationality, 14.5% of them are Portuguese and 14.3% are Chinese.

The area where foreigners are most present is the first ring , they realized 11.2% of total real estate transactions in the first quarter 2015. The Chinese are very active on the outskirts of Paris : they represent 22.6% overseas buyers in the area, before the Portuguese ( 13.5%) . In large crown in contrast, 26.5 % of buyers are Portuguese, and 10.2% are Algerians for a total of just over 7.4% of transactions generated by foreigners.

Keeping prices at a high level

Like all big Western cities, the Île-de-France has a migration surplus with the rest of the world. Therefore involved foreign buyers to keep property prices at a high level francilien even if the low level of interest rates also contributes significantly, restoring purchasing power to the Paris households.

Overall, the first quarter 2015, the average price of old apartments Ile dropped 2.6% compared to the first quarter 2014 to 5,260 euros per square meter. And despite the difficult market conditions, sales of existing homes volumes do not collapse. They are stable in Ile-de-France in the first quarter 2015.

In Paris, the number of old apartments sales remains “poor”, according to the notaries, to 6800 units in the first quarter of 2015. While sales are up slightly by 2% year on year, but they remain below 26% to the quarterly average of the splendor period 1999-2007. Prices of old apartments, however, are down 2.9% in the capital, passing below the symbolic threshold of 8,000 euros per square meter.

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