Palais Royal

palais-royalThe Royal Palace, with its shops, restaurants, gardens and monumental works… it’s a neighborhood of a thousand faces!

In fact, following the current trend of return to classics, this district just in the heart of Paris makes talk about it: the Royal Palace, once frequented by pensioners or children, becomes the new location in vogue. Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Peter Hardy, Serge Lutens, there are countless great luxury names that have installed in the Palais Royal. It has become in recent years one of the secrets kept by the figures of fashion industry and other avant-gardistes. For its idyllic setting, the gardens, theaters, its accessibility, its shops and terraces, the Palais Royal is definitely the perfect place to spend an idyllic day.

This prestigious neighborhood has one of the most beautiful architecture of Paris. Luxury hotels and elegant boutiques are located by the side of the embellishing arcades along rue Rivoli and on the rue Saint-Honoré.

Magnificent Tuleries Gardens separate the Place de la Concord and the world famous Louvre. Located in the heart of the city of Paris, it remains one of the most pearls of the capital, but also one of the largest museums in the world.