Jardin du Luxembourg

jardin-luxembourgThe district of Luxembourg is one of the most pleasant districts of Paris: on the height in relation to the Seine, it is very airy and benefits of the the large green area of the Garden of Luxembourg. The traffic is also less dense than elsewhere.

The main monument is the Le Palais du Luxembourg made for Marie de Medicis in the early seventeenth century, and also the Observatory and the Hôpital du Val de Grace are very beautiful buildings.

The Luxembourg gardens were also created at the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici, nostalgic for her native Florence and inspired by the Boboli Gardens. It is a French garden which combines many flower beds, an orchard, a large octagonal pool where children love to float small boats, the refreshing Medici fountain and many sculptures outdoors.

The Parisians come here on sunny days to have picnics or to do some jogging which are very pleasant activities there considering the beauty of the place.