Ile de la Cité / Ile Saint-Louis

It was previously named Avenue du Bois de Boulogne.

notre-dame-parisIle de la Cité
L’ile de la Cité is the birthplace of Paris where initially developed the original core of Lutèce. Over time, free of its fortifications, government civilians, military and religious people have settled there. After the year thousand the first Royal Palace was built (now the current Courthouse – le Palais de Justice). The bishops of Paris then build the magnificent Notre Dame. From that moment the Ile de la Cite is no longer sufficient to accommodate all the people that find themselves in the Ile Saint Louis and on both banks of the Seine.
Ile de la Cité today has many symbolic monuments of old Paris: Notre Dame de Paris, le Palais de Justice, the world famous Saint Chapelle, le Conciergerie.

Ile Saint Louis
The occupation of this island is late compared to the Ile de la Cité. It has been completely redeveloped by property developers in the seventeenth century. It retains an original character, a little provincial, and is the place of choice to live for many artists, intellectuals and lovers of old Paris.