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“Being a Parisian does not mean to be born in Paris. This means – to be born there again. ”

At first glance , from the first second conquers Paris , Paris fall in love forever, lures and attracts . Secrets of the tumultuous past of the French capital are fascinating and unique view of the city from the viewing platforms Eiffel tower shakes . All dream of Paris, make a wish , once on top of the tower , the city returned to dream again and again.

Our real estate agency in Paris for over 10 years providing real estate services and advice on the real estate market in France , the tax system , the intricacies of the transaction . We know the needs of your customer and can guarantee the correct choice to do this.

You want to buy an apartment in Paris? We are at your service! The process of selecting and purchasing real estate with us will be comfortable that we can organize your visit , to offer the services of an interpreter to accompany the whole process of the transaction , including participation in negotiations with the seller about the price of the object , drawing up a contract of sale , the settlement of financial issues.

We not only offer you the best of real estate, we will be able to defend your interests and to check the purity of transaction . Specialists of our real estate agency are experts in the field of sales. Whether you considering Paris as a place of temporary residence , or principal residence, you are planning to buy a flat in Paris, economy class , studio , or you are interested in luxury real estate in Paris, we will find for you the best options out of all proposals for market.

We cooperate directly with the biggest French real-estate agencies. Our database is constantly updated and has a very different properties for sale : studios, classic or luxury apartments in central Paris.

Buy apartment in Paris – this is definitely a good investment . From this perspective , any French real estate is interesting. The limited new construction in Paris leads to a steady annual growth in flat prices . Each buyer interested , first of all , the question : How much is an apartment in Paris? Prices depend on the area , the streets , the state of the house , floor and so on. Thus , the cost of apartments in Paris can be 20% higher if its windows are located on attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Orsay Museum , the Sorbonne or the Church of St. Sulpice . Prices for property  in central Paris with a magnificent view from the windows on the architectural structures of the city or the left bank of the Seine in Paris are sometimes very hight, and to buy a flat overlooking the Eiffel Tower could afford a few.  On the right , the bohemian , the banks of the Seine previously lived kings . Now right-bank part of the capital – its business center. Here you can admire the Louvre , the Arc de Triomphe . Apartments in Paris near the Champs Elysees , in the Golden Triangle , also with a view of Montmartre and near the Jardins des Tuileries , the Orangerie and the Picasso Museum , Place de la Concorde – all this luxury property .

Paris here appear before you in all its glory ! It is worth mentioning that Paris justifies its status as one of the most expensive capitals of the world , including in real estate , so most investors prefer to acquire it to take a mortgage loan . If you are considering a home purchase in the mortgage , we can contribute to the approval of the loan by the bank .

Which of the 20 districts of Paris is the most popular ? It all depends on the purpose of acquisition of property . Attention business attracts the central part of the capital. Buy an apartment in Paris in 1 , 6, 7 , 8, or 16, is considered a prestigious district . In District 1 is the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre Museum , is a tourist and commercial center of the city. Historical and official center of Paris is considered 4th district . Here the focus is the oldest part of the city , as well as part of the Latin Quarter . District 6 St Germain is considered to be a favorite place for Parisians themselves – and the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens . The famous Eiffel Tower is located in the 7th district . Parliament , embassies , ministries – the majority of official structures located in the area, so it is considered the business center . Champs Elysees and Arc de Triumph are located in the 8th  This district , as well as the 16th district of Paris , is considered the most rich. 16 District borders and the Champs-Elysées and the Bois de Boulogne . District 5 is considered to be a student , here is the Sorbonne . In this district , as well as 1-4 and 9 apartments are in demand from tourists , rent them as students . The price level of property in Paris for sale vary widely. In our database, all proposals are classified by districts , quality of finishes and housing prices. After reviewing the proposals with photos in our catalog, you can request a viewing you liked the subject. Ignorance of the language and the intricacies of French law does not prevent you to make plans for the acquisition of the magnificent suites – english-speaking staff of our estate agency will make every effort to ensure that your stay in the French capital as comfortable as possible . We will help you to fulfill your dream.