Discover French Riviera

France known for the whole world for the well-known wine and weeks of a fashion, casts inconsistent mood of romanticism and never a fading life. And still there is one corner, having seen which you for ever change the relation to this country.


The azure coast

«The azure coast» – even in the name of this area is something bohemian is a part of northeast coast of Mediterranean sea. Here everyone will find to itself(himself) employment to taste. Expensive hotels, restaurants, shops, constant entertaining programs – on the one hand, for fans of idle rest, with another, for business and capital investments.

One of the most popular projects for capital investment is the real estate. The azure coast is famous for the tremendous country houses which one kind simply bewitches. Country houses on Azure coast is not only possibility free to drive on territory of the country and to spend holiday on one of the most luxurious resorts of the world, but also an original indicator of your prestige.

Our agency of the real estate renders services in selection of objects which correspond to your inquiries. The azure coast represents a huge variety of the real estate in different, both style, and price ranges, therefore, having specified your requirements, we in as much as possible short terms will pick up variants.