Why an apartment worth three times more than another in Paris.

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Why an apartment worth three times more than another in Paris.

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A beautiful view is always chock foreign buyers willing to pay more than 25,000 euros per m² . But it is possible to find a nice apartment in a good neighborhood for three times cheaper.

What price do we pay today a beautiful apartment in one of the best locations in the capital? No way to compare where a three-room overlooking a dark courtyard on the ground floor, an apartment or not level with the top floor to the perfect plan. No, this is by drawing from recent sales of apartments without defects noted Féau price differences ranging from one to three . Because there are nice apartment and nice apartment. Some are clearly more beautiful than others! To find out which category your own ( or whatever you would like to offer you ), here’s what you should know.

In the capital , prices of larger apartments fell faster than others . ” In two years , prices fell 9.7 % on assets of more than 2 million , 6.4 % entre 1 and 2 million and 3.9 % below- 440,000 euros, ” Said Charles-Marie Jottras , president of Féau . Few transactions are beyond one million euros. “This Represents only 5% of transactions in Paris and only 1-2 % of annual transactions are in excess of 2 million , qui means clustering Hundreds of sales per year , ” says Charles-Marie Jottras.

The law of supply and demand has been full . With the departure of some owners who have chosen to go abroad to find more favorable tax heavens , many large apartments , those that exceed 200 square meters, were sold. In front , the demand was lacking. As a result, prices have fallen faster than other market segments. If the apartment is very large and has a number of rooms insufficient in relation to its surface , buyers are scarce.

The source: www.lefigaro.fr “Pourquoi un appartement vaut trois fois plus qu’un autre à Paris” 12.02.2015